“Today I entered a world of sounds which warmed my heart.”

– Signora Barbalusci, Ravenna –

Illuminated by the sun- faithful to the structure

Michèle’s condensed and fleeting musical gesture is that of an Italian raised German. It is linked to a soft sound pampered by the sun. Each individual’s life story has an influence on their personality. In Michèle, we find discipline and frivolity, gravitas and passion, spontaneity and contemplation, which makes her musical world rich and multi-faceted.

What is your mood like when you wake up in the morning?
It all depends on the music and how is it is going with music.

Name one of your musical idols?

Walter Gieseking

Where do you prefer to play your music?
In a completely quiet room, where I can study undisturbed. I think it all began like this and it will end like this.

What landscapes do you imagine when you are playing?
To tell you the truth, I don’t think of any particular landscape when I play. It’s not possible to describe in words or a precise image what the music evokes and this, in my opinion, is what makes up the essence of music.

What does your desk look like?
Terrible. Musical scores everywhere and cups of coffee on Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. Music accompanies me everywhere and therefore it can happen that my work will carry over even into the kitchen.

What would you have liked to do if you had not become a pianist?
I would have liked to have been a seamstress. I have a propensity for beautiful clothes and objects of fascination in general such as books, films and architecture. By beautiful, I don’t necessarily mean classically beautiful, but with interesting features.

What is your favourite food?
Living in Italy, I am certainly spoiled with a vast choice of Italian food but I wouldn’t say no to a nice German style marinated pot roast.


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