Diary in the Music Museum – Chopin

Diary in the Music Museum of Brussels

Ignace Pleyel, original grand piano from 1843 (extention of 6 octaves and a fifth, 80 keys).

The Waltzes of Chopin differ from the Viennese Waltzers ,who were intended to accompany dances, in their function as concert pieces.
In my video I play the 2.Waltzer from op. 70. which was composed between 1829 and 1832. From letters we know that Chopin favored the instruments of Pleyel, who were loved for their smooth mechanics and their bright sound.
The fortepiano of Pleyel, together with the instruments of Sébastien Érard, belonged to the top products of keyboard making around the middle of the 19th century.
Therefore, Pleyel’s pianos are among the icons of historical music performance practice.